Lawn Installation & Renovation

Tired of fighting those ugly and damaged patches of grass? Minardi’s Lawn Care can have your yard looking rich and green in no time. Whether you only want to repair specific sections or you would like to replace your entire lawn, we have the solution for you.

If you are in a rush to renovate your yard, perhaps for an open house or a family party, sod installation is the quickest option. Replacing an entire lawn with sod is a significant project, which involves ripping out the existing lawn and repairing the soil layer before the sod can be installed. This type of project also has a larger up-front cost, but you will have a reusable lawn almost immediately.

For smaller yard repairs or for replacements that aren’t on a specific timetable, Minardi’s Lawn Care also offers traditional seeding. Germination should occur within a few weeks, giving you a usable lawn in about six weeks. With traditional seeding, it may take a few seasons for your lawn to fill out. We also offer hydroseeding.

If you are unsure which lawn installation or renovation method is right for your property, Minardi’s will gladly provide you with a consultation. Contact us today!