Fall & Spring Cleanups and Gutter Cleanouts

New England has had a number of intense storms over the last few years. But even when the weather is unremarkable, we still have the four seasons to contend with and the yard messes that can result. Save yourself the headache, and the backache, by hiring Minardi’s Lawn Care to handle your storm and seasonal yard cleanups.

In the spring and fall, we can remove any dead grass, leaves, sticks and brush that have accumulated in your yard, as well as clean up your flower beds. We also offer tree and shrub pruning services. If a storm wreaks havoc in your yard, trust us to safely remove any broken or fallen limbs and trim any damaged bushes.

In addition to treating your lawn, we also clean rain gutters. Designed to draw water away from your home, rain gutters do not work properly if clogged with leaves and small branches. We can get them operating smoothly again, protecting your home from potential moisture damage.

If you don’t have the time or energy for a seasonal lawn cleanup, or an unexpected storm has left your yard a mess, contact Minardi’s Lawn Care for a free estimate.