Irrigation Repairs & Installs

You have spent a lot of time and money getting your yard to look just right, and your lawn, trees, shrubs and flowers need proper hydration for continued healthy growth. A professionally-installed irrigation system can take the guesswork out watering. Minardi’s Lawn Care offers irrigation installation and repair, including seasonal opening and closing services.

Beyond simply hydrating your lawn and plants, an irrigation system can provide numerous benefits to your property. Regular watering prevents soil compaction, allowing the water and nutrients to flow more easily to plant roots. Irrigation can also be used to protect against frost. We take into consideration the unique conditions of each yard, from the soil to the layout, and we design the most efficient irrigation system possible, which not only conserves water but can save you money. For example, a sprinkler system with an automatic rain sensor can detect moisture levels, preventing your sprinklers from turning on unnecessarily and overwatering your yard.

At Minardi’s Lawn Care, we also inspect and repair existing irrigation systems, from checking for leaks to testing and replacing any broken or underperforming parts. As your plants grow, you may need the positioning of your sprinkler heads adjusted to insure maximum efficiency. We offer system opening in the spring, which includes inspection and part replacement, as well as winterizing, in which we pressurize your irrigation system by blowing all of the water out of the lines.

Irrigation is a reliable, cost-effective way to keep the value your lawn and garden add to your property. If you are interested in having your own sprinkler system designed or need your current system repaired, contact Minardi’s Lawn Care for a free estimate.