If your lawn is thin and dry or contains bare patches, you may have a soil compaction problem. When the soil base and thatch layer beneath your grass are too dense, they prevent air, water and nutrients from reaching the roots, conditions which ultimately suffocate the grass and stifle growth. Minardi’s Lawn Care offers core aeration and dethatching services, which can alleviate your soil issues.

During your lawn treatment, we use a machine called an aerator to pull 1-2 inch long cores of grass, thatch and soil from the ground, spaced out across your yard. This process opens up the soil. We then apply seed and fertilizer to your lawn, and within a few weeks new grass should be growing out of the holes. With proper hydration and care, aeration should provide you with a thicker, healthier lawn.

Not all thin or bare lawns are caused by soil compaction, however, so it is best to consult a professional. Contact Minardi’s Lawn Care about whether our aeration services are right for your property.