Your lawn is an ecosystem unto itself, and without proper balance, you may end up with insect or lawn disease damage. Regular fertilization can keep weeds and insects like grub worms in check. At Minardi’s Lawn Care, we don’t lock you into a specific lawn fertilization plan, but we do recommend multiple applications to combat the various threats that pop up over the change of seasons. We may also recommend that fertilizer be used in conjunction with another service, such as aeration, for optimum results.

Fertilizer serves a variety of purposes depending on when it is applied. In early spring, it promotes growth and prevents crabgrass. In the summer, it feeds the grass and provides insect and weed control. Fall fertilization helps maintain root systems and feed the lawn throughout the colder months.

Each lawn is different, which is why we don’t have a one-size-fits-all fertilization program. Contact Minardi’s Lawn Care for a free estimate, and we will determine the right level of weed and insect protection for your property.