Minardi’s Lawn Care offers hydroseeding, an economical and efficient method for establishing new lawns or repairing existing ones. The process involves spraying a mixture of water, grass seed, fertilizer and other ingredients across the sections of your yard in need of coverage. You may recognize a newly hydroseeded property by the characteristic green layer covering the soil.

In addition to the speed of its application, hydroseeding has many advantages over sod installation and traditional seeding. Because the seeds are soaked in water, they germinate more quickly, and they grow from the root first, tapping into ground moisture and creating drought-tolerant lawns. These attributes also make hydroseeding a perfect solution for slopes, providing stabilization and preventing soil erosion. Hydroseeding is also less expensive than sod installation, and can be used for smaller spot treatments to fill empty or damaged patches.

Whether you are in need of a lawn around new construction or you simply want to repair sections of your existing lawn, hydroseeding may be your best choice. Contact Minardi’s Lawn Care for a free estimate.